Electric Vehicle: A source to the nation or requires resources for the nation!

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EV’s in India have opened ample business opportunities for automobile companies within the country & across the globe. Many resourceful developments in the Industry have taken place giving positive signs to the rise of Electric Vehicles.

So, given the insights of the trending market, does India plan to have all-electric vehicles by 2030? This target seems way too ambitious.

The EV Industry has just taken birth in India, to raise or develop the newborn industry. The critical resources like high investments, state policies and incentives will have to take a great role for the nation to compete globally and such resources would be the key factors.

As per Dr Pawan Goenka, MD of Mahindra & Mahindra, “In terms of EV Connectivity, Norway has 22%, China has 2%, India has only 0.2% for us to talk about full connectivity by 2030 is perhaps too ambitious but 20% by 2030 is the realistic target”. However, in order to achieve these figures, the Indian Automobile Industry is ready to take on the challenge.

To boost the automotive industry to meet its desired goal, the Government of India launched “National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMD) 2020” which will help in fulfilling the requirement of resources for the nation to grow in the EV industry.

The Plan also aims to achieve national fuel security by promoting Hybrid & EV’s in the country. The first Usable EV will happen through aggregators, Flee Operators such as –Ola, Uber, and Corporate Fleets and so on. The Personal use of EV’s will take place once they became affordable.

On the other hand, the business in EV is one of the biggest opportunities which will serve as a service source to the nation. Firms, like M & M, Tata motors have already been awarded govt. tenders by EESN- Energy efficiency Services limited to manufacture 10000 EV’s in India at least. Mahindra group has already announced its Plan to invest 140 million dollars in EV’s over the next 4 years. Similarly, Hyundai is expected to introduce an EV by 2019 in India, Suzuki & Toyota intends to come in 2020.

Charging Stations are also being planned and set up across the country which signifies a parallel growth of another industry i.e. battery industry. India is changing now with the advent of numerous new technologies and innovations in the EV space & numerous opportunities are on the rise. Hence Electric vehicle although requires resources to be a source to the nation to grow & compete globally.

Not only this, the experienced Recruitment consultants for electric vehicle are noticing the way the companies are actively upgrading their workforce and hiring highly skilled employees to suit the changing requirements.

Pooja Harar

Senior KAM – Auto Sales

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