“With rapid movement at the top management, now headhunters are geared up for a better display”. The role of leaders at the C-Suite level is evidently crucial, hence any transition taking place at this level will affect the whole organization. On the other hand, these movements have emerged as a good business proposition for the headhunters.But what led to these sudden transitions at the c-suite level?The current volatile economic scenario and the greater competition among corporates have made board members/promoters more aggressive in their approach to sustain growth.

This leads to the higher expectation of board from top management to deliver faster results which is a herculean task considering all practical feasibility.

Also, sometimes people appointed at senior posts for their knowledge, fail to coordinate with the peer’s group or fail to adopt the new environment leading to the transition. A report by Mckinsey suggests that the leaders take at least 3 months to understand the organization, processes, it’s people, the problem and the practicality of the solutions he has, a point where transition is very likely to happen.

In some cases of vintage CXO, they have not been able to upgrade themselves with newer technology and not been able to implement the proposed changes in the organization as per the demand.

The reason might be any, yet the drastic changes affecting overall organizational operations is the prime concern for it. And many times, it makes a detrimental impact on productivity and short-term profitability, shakes the confidence of customers, investors, also to key talent in the organization.

Like every problem has a solution, so has this. Chieftain Search !

Sudden c-suite transition situation demands the best talent within a shorter time span. The sooner this transition happens, the lesser impact it will have internally and externally. Headhunter here plays a very important role in ensuring the same.

Considering the criticality of the assignment, the headhunter is supposed to search CXO who has the right mindset to lead the team/department and has the maturity and experience to align his/her thoughts with the vision of the organization. Also, this search has to be completed within the given deadline. Therefore, we can say that the involvement of a headhunter ensures a quality leader within in a stipulated time frame.

The challenges would come but how one finds the solution is the key element!

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