When Celeb CEO resigns, should the team, board members & investors worry?

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In today’s times, CEOs are expected to carry the company’s weight on their shoulders all the time while still appearing as charismatic and charming as a movie star. And few manage to do that with aplomb parallel. What happens when such a celeb leaves a company? Here are anecdotes from real life.

Yojana Sharma, TimesJobs Bureau
Almost a month ago, a CEO helming a fast food chain belonging to a MNC resigned. As expected, his resignation sent rumous mills buzzing but alarmingly the shares of his company took a hit. Industry watchers said it was bound to happen since his clout sheltered the company always. But this is not an isolated event because whenever a celeb CEO resigns, results follow in the same path. We probed further and realised that a resignation – and at that level – may not always be simply an exit. Here are key takeaways:

Does CEO’s resignation impact business?
“When a celeb CEO leaves an organisation it will worry the team, board members and investors in the short run,” says Ronesh Puri, MD, Executive Access India. Waqar Azmi, Founder & CEO, SutraHR says that if the CEO is an entrepreneur who founded the company himself, his resignation would certainly have a huge impact on the business.

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