The Indian Automobile industry is growing by 14.89 % each year (according to March-April 2015 survey). Amongst these are commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, three wheelers, four and two-wheelers that has proliferated a growth of 4.42 – 17.93 percent respectively by 1st quarter of 2015. Automotive brands are looking forward to expand their market presence to cater to more than 1.2 billion customers demographically and economically in India. This in turn would reach out to the larger mass of around 2-3 billion people around the world who use vehicles of the third world countries. Indian Automotive Industry is said to be one of the most customer-friendly and innovative in terms of Auto designs and manufacturing. By 2020, India is expected to become the leading Auto exporter in the Two-wheeler and Four-wheeler market.

During this period of mobility revolution wherein we have reached a stage of high affordability in owning a private car, one needs to manage the different alignments of Automobile industry. Like any other industry, our very own automobiles need powerful human resources for R & D, Plant, Commercial, Sales and After Market. Impeccable HR caters to Automobile industry for all these verticals for over 11 years. The team at Impeccable has an average closure of 350 every year and has a long-standing relationship with the ever-expansive Auto clientele. A growing satisfaction in recruitment also deepens bond between Impeccable HR and the dynamic Auto Industry.

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