HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • HR Policy Formulation
  • Employee Retention technique
  • Talent Mapping (Competitor Analysis)
  • HR Process Re-engineering
  • Compensation Bg

Due to business demands and ever-changing economies, companies are gearing up for effective HR services to back up their dynamic business modules. HR services are primarily focused on recruiting quality staff to fit roles, train and retain them for the long term goals of generating revenues inherent in most companies. When investments are done by organizations in the form of compensations and rewards, revenues are generated through good performance of employees.

Compensation Advisory service at Impeccable HR is designed to ensure a pay strategy to benefit both employees and employers in the likely events of successful work completion. HRs are dedicated to follow up with the employees for a full review on how to work effectively to meet goals of the organization. We create a tangible and intangible award based plan for employees to establish a link between the higher goals of the organization and employee’s focus and actions.

We mainly provide services through Broad-Based Compensation & Executive Compensation. We also help you organize a communication strategy that makes it easy for different audiences at your organization to understand the essence of pay and benefits that adds up to optimum rewards.

Our advisory services are also backed by extensive market research supported by data-driven decision making in an evolving marketplace, including:

Our Broad-Based Compensation consulting services offer:
  • Total rewards strategy and design
  • Broad-based pay analysis
  • Salary structure development
  • Sales force effectiveness & their Incentive
  • Compensation surveys
  • Pay equity analysis
  • Data solutions

In our Executive Compensation Advisory wework closely with leadership teams and boards on designing, developing and implementing comprehensive executive compensation programmers. Our objective is to design compensation programs that are according to client needs and are compliant to regulations as well as competitive in the market.

HR Process Re-engineering

Cost Reduction Initiative

HR services are efficiently run by using high-tech technology that helps in better communication, report maintenance and cost effectiveness among consultants. These technologies simplify our lives and gives a cutting edge for our professions. Likewise, at Impeccable HR we follow a protocol that is technologically driven to ensure better client servicing.

Impeccable HR draws effective feedback from clients to analyze the total workflow of HR department of the organization to ensure how much electronic usage is required. The effectiveness of the Human Resources or Personnel department is assessed against company objectives, culture. Depending on this assessment, a new strategy is developed which is synchronized into new HR processes that are implemented and communicated to produce results in HR regulations. The expected outcomes may include reduced costs, an increase in responsiveness, higher employee engagement and an improvement in internal customer service levels.

HR Policy Formulation

The HR policy advisory services of Impeccable HR is responsible to review and make necessary recommendations regarding policies, programs, and initiatives that are mapped to support and promote the intellectual and professional development of organizations work force. Impeccable HR also creates the basic policy frame work for the green field projects keeping the Indian rules and regulations in mind.

We are also responsible for training and support which is provided to employees’ i.e induction & orientation of the new members of the organization; and the promotion of a healthy & engaged workforce within and between departments. We evaluate and make recommendations regarding existing and proposed hiring recruitment procedures, policies, compensation and benefit policies and programs for employees aligning to the organizational goals.

Talent Mapping (Competitor Analysis)

We provide tailor-made study of talent availability for our client. Our Team of research associates and head hunters uses advanced resourcing techniques to map the entire talent team of the target company.

The survey shows the no. of available talents in each department mentioning their current designation & CTC.

Employee Retention technique

Impeccable HR introducing the best practices for Employee’s Retention


An organization’s success depends on its employees, hence retaining them is highly important. Redundancy and employee replacement increases expense and also has a negative effect on the company’s morale. Leaving organizations can happen due to many reasons; often these reasons are unknown to employers. Employers need to listen to employees’ needs and implement retention strategies to make employees feel valued and engaged in order to keep them. These retention methods can have a significant and positive impact on an organization’s turnover rate.

Impeccable HR offers Employee Retention Technique services by not only scrutinizing the reasons behind the attrition but also provide a custom-built technique that strategizes a unique way to uphold employee retention program which is an effective way of making sure that key employees remain employed & engaged while maintaining job performance and productivity.

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