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HR Advisory Services

During the last 10 years, economic growth in India has been possible mainly due to offshoring to the USA, software exports and MNCs establishing a footprint of their working culture in association with Indian big brands. Post-recession, this scenario changed to an indispensable need to acquire Indian markets in lieu of cost-cutting strategy, were sought more for value creation and innovation in R&D, software and IT applications. The Society for Human resource management based out of California, USA use benefits as a recruitment tool, as per HR worldwide statistics. For sustained economic growth, human capital is the biggest contributor. HR advisory services are no more an option but a compulsion for emerging markets in Asia.

Looking at the current HR requirements, it is very essential to hire and retain strategic workforce planners and educate them about your company’s vision. Talent management requires strategic function, identifying key market players, grooming them for highly potential roles, reviewing their candidature and putting employee orientation programs in action. Financial analysts are engaged in human resource analytics, business leaders have polished their people issue solving skills – all because of good recruitment and presentation skills of HR managers.

The Indian market is experiencing the highest growth in Mobile Application development in the last few years. Cross platform social messaging applications like Whatsapp is making a dominant presence known across India. Small business owners can now offer product views and descriptions via Whatsapp or send push notifications from time to time; candidates are informed about new opportunities in social groups. Social media, mobile is used extensively for HR practices. C-level executives can be communicated and hired via social network. A traditional job opportunity related calls are not entertained the way social networking job posts are attended to. Candidates can openly view the job post engagement and the comments of other applicants. This gives them a chance to anticipate whether the job application is good enough to consider.

Another key contributor in HR Advisory services success is the persistence in acquiring client and potential candidates who would join the client’s company. Potential hiring offers emerge anytime and to close such positions require more than HR experience and market research. Successful Hr advisory services offers talent mapping, job description revising, updating company goals with joining candidates, compensation benchmarking, and implementing beneficial employee orientation programs apart from benefits and cost reduction initiative.

Cost-effectiveness can be maintained when high-tech technologies are used to boost communication in between consultants. Technologically driven HR outsourcing firms can provide a cutting edge in ensuring smooth communication and cordial client servicing. They take feedback from hiring clients regarding in-house HR department’s workflow and assist in revamping the complete organizational structure, from recruitment to recommendations on vital changes in policies, programs, employee training programs / modules, etc. Moreover, Advisory HR teams can micro-manage or change the entire management structure for the welfare of any organization. To choose them as your working partner will ensure that they help you with branding, workflow management and improvement of the corporate culture. No matter what the size of your company is, you will definitely take action with a good business vision.

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Mr. Minglani is a well-known face in the HR Industry. He is currently leading the talented team of HR professionals at Impeccable and offers a consultancy expertise of more than 21 years.He believes his greatest achievement lies in the satisfaction and retention of his clients.

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