Impys Speak

Impys Speak

Director’s Speak:
  • We at Impeccable HR aim at delivering the best solutions to our clients’ HR needs by providing the right alignment of HR in business and increasing productivity, ensuring good talent within timeline and less attrition. We add value by providing analytical survey, market intelligence and mapping, which helps our clients to make right business decisions.

    I am proud of my team and consider them as our assets. Probably that’s why we have lowest attrition within HR consulting space.

    In the coming years, we plan to expand extensively in the areas of executive search , recruitment process outsourcing and HR advisory .Apart from increasing headcount and turnover ,our future growth plan is to become India’s most respected, trustworthy, reliable, client centric and leading provider of HR solutions. We also envision becoming the most preferred employer who provides best workplace environment and opportunities to learn and grow.

Team Speak:
  • HimmatNainwal (Business Head-BFSI Logistics )

    My experience with impeccable HR consulting has really been wonderful.  Impeccable offers tremendous opportunities  to all

    employees to nurture and grow beyond limits.  What I like  most about our company is  professional  & result oriented approach.

    Having completed 6 years with the organization, I still see lots of learning &  growth and see myself with the organization for many more years.

    Proud to be a part of Impeccable HR.

  • Bhavna Kishani (Team Lead-Automotive-Sales, Aftermarket & IT)

    My Journey with Impeccable HR Consulting  –  An organization which a completely “Employee Centric”, recognizing and rewarding everybody on their big and small accomplishments & events (personally or professionally); making one experience the

    “Feel Good Factor”.

    The company’s motto being “Customer Delight” and not just Customer Satisfaction makes a reason for its standing out in the crowd.

    It’s awesome to be associated with Impeccable HR.

  • S.Vijayalakshmi (Team Leader-BFSI)

    Impeccable HR  is one of the best places to work .The company focus not only on  result oriented but growth oriented approach,they

    make talent grow in a positive work environment .

    I have been associated with the organization for 5 years and in this  I have seen myself growing from executive HR level to Team leader. Impeccable HR provides ample opportunity for future growth and Nurture the hidden skills of employee by focus on lot of learning ,training and process oriented approach.

  • Pankaj Kajal (Team Leader-Auto Tech)

    It’s really nice to have association with this organization since 4 yrs. Impeccable is an employee centric organization where your works

    gets recognition and also get ample opportunity to grow professionally. It’s providing us a platform where we can enhance our learning    by working with highly talented professionals in friendly & transparent environment. Looking forward for a long & fruitful association.

  • KetanSrivastava (Team Leader-NBFC ,Logistics)

    “It’s been more than 5 years that I have been working in  Impeccable HR Consulting and it has proved to be a good experience for me.     I had started from Executive HR and now i have been promoted to Sr. Key Account Manager. I have been able to develop myself both     ‘personally and professionally’. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. Impeccable HR is a nice place to work with seniors, colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. Impeccable  HR provides  various trainings to all employees. These have been of great help in grooming and development.”

  • Neha Rawat (Team Leader-R&D /Engineering )

    Impeccable HR is an organization which has not only helped me learn new things but overcome my weakness. The organization values      its employees for their contribution in any sphere, empowering their employees through delegation at all levels, having excellent          training programs, transparent performance driven culture & policies supporting the career growth of their employees.

    I’m proud to be a part of such an organization.


  • Abhishek Shukla (Senior Manager Business Development )

    Impeccable HR is more like a family to me. The experience of working here is amazing & incredible. I got ample flexibility and freedom        to strategies and manage my work. Good support from peers and superiors. The best part I like is that we work like a team and everyone    gives best on their part to achieve the common goals. There is a big scope of career growth and overall development as an individual       which I see for myself.

    Delighted to be a part of Impeccable HR family.

  • MeghaMaheshwari (Team Lead -BFSI)

    It has been an enriching experience working with Impeccable HR I would like to summarize it like below:

    Top 3 Reasons to Work here:

    Work Culture – Amicable work environment & Continuous Learning are key points, which an employee enjoys here.

    Growth Avenues: Growth prospects are high, along with continuous learning & earning.

    Transparency & Employee Friendly – Again a transparent organization in terms of business volume, profit earned by the organization, by virtue of which employees achieve their targets & plan their career progression.

  • Shiv Kumar (Manager Accounts)

    Impeccable HR is very esteemed organization with highly equipped infrastructure facilities. working from last 7+ years I have always

    found ample guidance & support from  management ,which has helped me grow in my career .

    I am proud to be an Impy!

  • Pallavi Mittal (Ex Team Lead-Automotive-Sales, Aftermarket & IT)

    Impeccable HR is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper

    in a positive working environment.

    Here, Employees are valued for their hard work and sincerity, a can do spirit, a positive attitude and hands-on management.

    It brought an innovative approach to working with strong-minded teams, giving us tools to create and reinvent thinking. Quality work, professionalism, learning, and friendly work culture is why I chose to work with Impeccable H. Close to five years of working in

    Impeccable HR has indeed been an enriching experience. Each day, I look forward and friendly competition we develop on the floor

    All this, coupled with Impeccable success, makes this the perfect place to work!

    Returning to my desk, I look forward for good more years to come.”

HR Speak
  • Divya Chawla (Sr. HR Manager)

    My experience with Impeccable HR is amazingly enriching with lots of diverse assignments and projects. The positivity of the       environment and ample support by the peers has helped me in achieving great milestones. I feel like there is so much to learn and       anticipate every new assignment with enthusiasm . Impeccable HR has fulfilled my expectations for the kind of work place I was       expecting for myself.   The training workshops and employee engagement has helped me a lot in growing  not only as an individual but        a  polished  HR professional.

    I’m proud to be a part of such an Employee oriented organization.

  • Pratibha (HR Manager)

    It’s been more than 4 years I am associated with Impeccable HR, I thoroughly enjoyed my work always. I love here the winning               workplace culture, Environment & the kind of support from Management which offers employees to achieve their goals & success.           Here employees are being rewarded & recognized for their achievements, hard work & sincerity. The exposure that I have gained here      has been immense.

    “I love to be here and proud to be an Impy.”

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